Improving Fertility

Improving Fertilityfertility, natural treatment, acupuncture, Gold Coast

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine offers prospective mums a natural and holistic alternative to addressing the issue of fertility.  There are many reasons why pregnancy may not be occurring naturally, and a lot of the time all the body needs is a little nurturing and support to give it that final push.

In clinic, understanding and caring support will be provided to assist you in tracking your cycle, identifying ovulation and therefore, your optimum times to conceive.  Your treatments will work towards:

  • hormonal support and balance for quality egg and endometrial lining development
  • tube viability
  • timely ovulation
  • safe and secure implantation
  • maintaining pregnancy once implantation is established

Traditional Chinese Medicine assesses the body in relation to the balance of Qi and Blood, Yin and Yang, and utilises Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to address any deficiencies in the body, ensure the free flow of Qi and Blood to allow easy passage for little embryos, and ease emotional stress which too often thwarts our best intentions.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can also offer support to address the issue of male infertility.  Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can be used to address low sperm count or poor sperm motility, loss of libido or erectile dysfunction.  Fatigue and stress can also affect male fertility, and optimal health of both partners is of course best for the greatest chance at a viable pregnancy.